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My hometown Stockholm is us, Sofia Biderholt and Anna Skaring. For us, travel is more than visiting places, it's also about creating memories, meeting people and experiencing moments.

We can be hired for guide assignments in Stockholm and the surrounding area and also for tour guide assignments for longer tours.

At the request of companies, municipalities, organizations or private individuals, we arrange guided tours or trips according to wishes. We adapt our tours to our customers' needs, interests and wishes.

Since 15 years ago, we have worked together with training courses and lectures. We both think it's a lot of fun to meet people and also to be able to share knowledge and experiences.

As guides, we look forward to exciting meetings with people and sharing positive experiences.

Our experience in organizing and conducting training courses and lectures as well as meeting many different kinds of people is something we also benefit from in our work as guides or tour leaders.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sofia Biderholt and Anna Skaring

Authorized Stockholm guides


Telephone 0731-53 20 30.

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